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Fleming Hydro-Ram Features.


Our least expensive standard 1-inch ram requires only 2 gallons per minute water flow. All parts are PVC plastic. Clear air compression chamber allows view of water-to-air ratio...
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1 1/2" & 2" RAM

Similar to the 1" except that the 1 1/2" and 2" RAM requires at least 3 to 4 gallons per minute. Designed to deliver more water than the 1" pump. PVC plastic construction and clear air compression chamber.
1 1/2"...Order No. RP15000....call for current prices
2"...Order No. RP20000....call for current prices


A heavy duty metal pump with fiberglass air tank that delivers large quantities of water for irrigation and filling small ponds. Modular construction for ease in moving. Plus freight...
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Designed to keep unwanted leaves, sticks, and other debris from being pulled into the ram pump, these inexpensive strainers are easily attached and removed when necessary.
1"...Order No. RP15RFS.........call for current prices
1 1/2"...Order No. RP25RFS.....call for current prices
2"...Order No. RP20RFS........call for current prices


In addition to the smaller efficient, lightweight PVC Fleming Hydro-Rams which are designed to handle falls of water to the pump of up to 15 feet and lift the delivery water up to 120 feet, THE RAM CO. also offers a high volume Hydro-Ram pumps. One is made of cast aluminum, the other of PVC Plastic, both use 3" input pipe. The heavy duty aluminum pump is designed to meet the needs of light irrigation and other applications where either larger volumes of water are required or extremely high lifts of water are needed. In a demonstration on the farm of Richard Fleming, owner of THE RAM CO. and creator of the Fleming Hydro-Ram, water is being supplied to a 3" aluminum pump from a pond through a 3" PVC pipe. The total vertical drop of water to the pump is 23 feet. A standpipe has been placed in the drive pipe at a point approximately 4 1/2 times the vertical fall which is approximately 100 feet from the pump. The purpose of the standpipe is to remove air and turbulence from the flow of supply water. The output pipe known as the delivery pipe runs uphill from the pump to a height of approximately 80 feet from the pump and 57 feet above the surface of the reservoir supplying water to the pump. The delivery pipe is a one and a half inch flexible pipe. The horizontal run from the pump to the delivery point is approximately 500 feet. Under these conditions the 3-inch Fleming Hydro-Ram can deliver 10 gallons of water in 52 seconds. Under the proper conditions the aluminum 3-inch Fleming Hydro-Ram can pump in excess of 16,000 gallons of water each day, and in addition to its high output, this versatile pump is constructed of modular components that allow it to be disassembled for ease in moving and to simplify servicing. Whether you need a high volume output of water to meet your irrigation requirements or whether you need a Hydro-Ram that can pump water to extremely high elevations the FLEMING 3" ALUMINUM HYDRO-RAM can meet your water needs without using any outside form of energy.

We have a customer in Montana using our 3" cast aluminum pump, pumping water 270 feet vertical lift and over 1,500 feet from the pump and is getting 2 1/2 to 3 gallons per minute. They have a 33 foot drop into the pump with a 100 foot drive pipe and 27 cycles per minute pulsation.
In the community of La Guma in Honduras a 3" cast aluminum Fleming Ram is pumping water 175 feet up a hill with a 30 foot fall into the pump at the rate of over ten gallons a minute. In France, a twenty foot fall puts approximately 6 gallons a minute at a point 210 feet up from the pump.


The other 3" Hydro-Ram Pump is made of PVC Plastic and is designed for a high volume but a lower lift than the aluminum hydro-ram. Great for transferring water from one pond to another or a creek to a pond.

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