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How Much Water Will it Pump?

Numerous variables, such as vertical fall, vertical lift, rate of ram pulsation and length of pipe on intake and discharge, will affect the amount of water a Fleming Hydro-Ram will pump at your site.

Output range is 700 to 1,800 gal./day for a 1-inch ram; 700 to 3,000 gal./day for a 1 1/2-inch ram; 700 to 4,000 gal./day for a 2-inch ram and for a 3-inch ram, up to 16,000 gal. and more.

Above figures were determined by actual use of rams in the field. Exact output of a ram at your site, however, will vary according to circumstances.

Generally with a ratio of 1-foot drop to 10-foot lift, your pump will deliver approximately 15 to 20 percent of the water that it uses.

A pressure guage connected to the discharge end of the pump will tell you how high the water is in the delivery pipe when the pressure reading is multiplied by 2.31.